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To log into your email account you can go to and log in with or go to and log in with just your username. If you are already logged into a different account, click on your name and then Add Account, you can be logged into both accounts at once. As soon as you log out of one, you’ll be logged out of both. You can look here for help.

forwarding_mail1Experience has shown that volunteers will get their messages much more frequently if they forward them to their personal email acccount. If you choose to do so you can click on the gear and settings:

Then click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Google requires that you approve the forwarding of mail from your other account. Be sure to keep District 12’s mail in the Inbox or mark it as read, it will be of value to the next person that rotates into your service.
It would be best to reply to email from your account. If you choose to respond to mail from your other email account, be sure to CC your account, to maintain the thread for the next user. Encourage contacts to continue to use your account for district business. You may be able to set your email up to automatically send email forwarded from with the Reply To: set as your mail account.

You can also access your gmail directly on your phone. See for options.

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